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Recognize our trade name Rovin Jelly powder & Launches new products

In order to integrate and enhance the development of the brand, the old HOANG YEN JELLY, was renamed ROVIN JELLY – the brand has been highly appreciated in the domestic and foreign consumption market. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers, craftsmans, partners and agents who have trusted our products in … Continue reading Recognize our trade name Rovin Jelly powder & Launches new products

Hoang Yen Jelly & The Class of Artisans Thom Bui in Viet Nam

In the community of enthusiasts housework,Thom Bui Culinary artisans have become a familiar name. With more than 40 years experience in the art of housework, Ms Thom Bui has created its own attraction because the ones she made not only beautiful but very soulful. In addition to teaching and was invited to join performer, exhibition at the major festivals … Continue reading Hoang Yen Jelly & The Class of Artisans Thom Bui in Viet Nam

Impressive Christmas welcome with Hoang Yen Jelly

On days 19/12 to days 23/12/2015 at the Winter Fair takes place at the exhibition center in Tan Binh, Hoang Yen Jelly Powder joined and show visitors the fair about products extracted from natural : Jelly powder, Agar-agar powder, Agar- Agar strips. Hoang Yen Stand crowded visit, purchase and try products,special company received many compliments from customers for products … Continue reading Impressive Christmas welcome with Hoang Yen Jelly

Planting Techniques Gracilaria

The particular Gracilaria Glacilaria located in the red seaweed layer (Floridae), in red algae industry (Rhodophyta),live in brackish and salty waters. Glacilaria as low-level plants, the process of growth and development and the simple reproduction than other plant species. The body has the shape of circular fibers or slightly flattened, branching. Middle size 15-25cm, particularly with long tree 1m, the … Continue reading Planting Techniques Gracilaria


Panda and magenta agar agar

Refreshing jelly with textured natural scenery also the way encourages eating for family on the day frist year. Materials : 1 Hoang Yen Agar- Agar Powder 2 litres water 500g Flaked coconut white or 1 can water coconut 1 bunch pandan, 1 pinch magenta plant 300g sugar Making: Step 1 : How to cook water … Continue reading Panda and magenta agar agar

Strawberry Khuc Bach sweet gruel

This is gruel pretty new and recent popular in the hot sun. Main ingredient of gruel that is jelly milk cream to combine with summer fruits, add roasted almonds trash up on face. This is refreshment attractive and nutrition for hot days. Materials : 500ml milk not sugar 500ml whipping cream 5g Hoang Yen Jelly powder 50g sugar … Continue reading Strawberry Khuc Bach sweet gruel

Coconut Jelly Cool Bar

In the sweltering summer days, coconut jelly has become desserts familiar helpfast cooling,bring your tongue and cool bar from the simple way. Material : 05 Coconut 1.5 Hoang Yen Jelly Powder 400ml coconut milk 400ml water 100g sugar Step 1 : Mix 50g sugar with 01 Hoang Yen Jelly Powder.Pour coconut milk into the pot,Put in the … Continue reading Coconut Jelly Cool Bar

Delicious Crispy Agar Jam

During Lunar New year free, you can go to the kitchen with strange Agar jam below, it’s very easy to do that can be used dragging on year round because this is only Agar jam not make concentrates sugar, beautiful color but not too sweet. Materials : 1 Hoang Yen Agar Powder 25g 1liter water 400gr refined … Continue reading Delicious Crispy Agar Jam