Agar Seaweed in Medicine

Description: stems are cylindrical or flat sometime, branching pinnate, 10-30cm hight,big one can reach 0,5 – 2cm. It consist of 2 type of cells, core and shell. The core are long cell along inside the stem. The shell formed from adjacent cells, outer layer contain colorants, the outermost is cover with gel


Alagae asexually reproduce by quarter mitotic, it’s formed in magnetic disturbance. Alagae asexually reproduce by it’s male and female stems. Male stems provide sperms, female stems provide eggs. Its combine with each and result in that they all grow up to creat adult alagae.

Using parts: stem of alagae – thallus gelidii, often call in vietnamese thach hoa thai

Location: Japan, Korea, China, India. In our country, alagae grow up on reef deep 3-10m; in the north, it’s smaler. In late summer and fall, people use specific tool to harvest it, then they washing and drying to make it cleaner

Chemical composition: The algae are more calcium salts of sulfuric acid and complexes between carbohydrates and a rate of 1-2% protid.

Effects: sweetness salty, cold; cooling effect, laxative functions: Seaweed used for food,make gel used in industry

In Japan, there are many seaweed was used to make jelly (agar agar). Agar seaweed used to treat constipation and chronic urinary retention ..

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