Chamachi Chili Sauce

Being a true chili sauce product, with the ingredients of 90% “Thóc” Peppers grown in the mountainous region of northwest Vietnam and carefully selected by workers. Adding salt, a few kind of forest seeds, … According to the traditional method of brewing in large jars for more than 8 months for each batch. Strong, traditional flavor.

In particular, Chamachi chili sauce does not use: Coloring; Preservers, or other additives.

Till now, Chili sauce is an indispensable spice on Vietnamese family’s meals and served with noodles, “Phở”, sea-foods,…

Brewing for a long time, kept sealed in the cellar, isolated, creating a delicious Chili sauce flavor, they have a little sour but not from vinegar.

Chamachi absolutely does not use any Colorants, Odorants, and Thickeners; The eye-catching natural bright red color and the characteristic hot flavor of chili are factors that consumers choose to use for themselves and their family members.

The use of Chamachi chili sauce is extremely diverse:

  • Seafood dishes to grilled, fried, fried, boiled, …
  • Fast foods such as instant noodles, dry noodles, …

Preserved: in dry, cool place.

Expiry date: 18 months from date of manufacture.

Specification: 100g / 1 bottle x 6 bottles / block x 48 bottles / box.

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