Hoang Yen Jelly & The Class of Artisans Thom Bui in Viet Nam

In the community of enthusiasts housework,Thom Bui Culinary artisans have become a familiar name. With more than 40 years experience in the art of housework, Ms Thom Bui has created its own attraction because the ones she made not only beautiful but very soulful. In addition to teaching and was invited to join performer, exhibition at the major festivals in Sydney, Ms Thom Bui also published a lot of books about the art of cooking received a lot of embrace from readers. Now she living and works in Australia and still cotrinue to guide the culinary arts classes, baking, floral art, cooking, arts trimmed vegetables, made jelly art…

During a business trip to Vietnam to teach at Bakerland held on 18/11/2015 to 7/12/2015, Art lovers baking had the opportunity to participate class made cake jelly 3D and flowerfloating jelly cake of ms Thom Bui. And very lucky, Hoang Yen Jelly had the opportunity to participate in classes make jelly cake of her in Vietnam. Ms Thom Bui quite discerning in the choice of materials by jelly she used to ensure quality requirements. However, Hoang Yen Jelly has met all requirements and she used for classes taking place in Vietnam.


During her time in Vietnam shared this : “ I was surprised to know Vietnam production jelly powder. I also surprised any more when jelly produced by Hoang Yen respond the standard about transparency, tough,brittle to create cakes not only beautiful, but also delicious. From here I no longer have to import more goods Malaysia, fully confident Hoang Yen Jelly” Esspecially with long teaching experience and creadibility with the community of people who love the kitchen she share more “ Vietnam jelly well so I am very proud and confident to introduce to friends in Australia and other countries”.


She also reminds “ Hoang Yen continue to maintain such good quality to become company production jelly powder leading in Vietnam” We are very happy and feel that is a great encouragement for us to continue to try harder, deserve with the wantedbecome the leading manufactuner in Vietnam jelly.


If anyone has ever seen a work jelly cakes 3D of Ms.Thom Bui have the same feeling that a work are soulful and it was also her mood. A work is to express the mood of the best artists.

According to her all the classes take place in Ho Chi Minh City, we can feel that the students come with her not only fo art enthusiasts jelly,but also because of her desire to meet even once because they love the propery and hermind. Thanks to the guide dedicated and the enthusiasm of the students, the classes took place very nice. Can feel that the composition are separate beauty and the students are learning from each other. She hss often said : “ I don’t want you take the path, how do I do that then you too. I want you learn from each other, you come here not only study from my but you learn other students”. The student came to classroom of Ms.Thom Bui not only study from her but also learn and share experiences with other students.


Looking at these works completed, a student shared : “ Hoang Yen Jelly clear, I would choose Hoang Yen jelly for later should always do not have to look for something else”. Having tracked classes of Ms. Thom Bui could feel all the joy of the students came to her. Looking at works of themselves, students were not expecting myself can create such beautiful works.


There are a lot of students from all parts of the country th attend her classes as : Soc Trang, Vinh Long, Tien Giang, Can Tho,… Secially, many students from Singapore, US, Canada,Australia… also attend classes on Vietnam this time. Glad that there are many students who want to become agency of Hoang Yen Jelly in the country and abroad. Hope everyone jelly art enthusiasts have the opportunity to use quality products muanufactured in Vietnam.


Hoang Yen jelly send thanks to Bakerland Store held class. Thanks Ms.Thom Bui have trusted and used Hoang Yen Jelly for classes. Thanks to the students who have favorite products Hoang Yen jelly. Hoang Yen jelly will continue to the quality of products.

Data source image : The images of jelly used Hoang Yen Jelly Powder & Hoang Yen Agar- Agar Powder of jelly classes of Ms. Thom Bui

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