Planting Techniques Gracilaria

The particular Gracilaria

Glacilaria located in the red seaweed layer (Floridae), in red algae industry (Rhodophyta),live in brackish and salty waters. Glacilaria as low-level plants, the process of growth and development and the simple reproduction than other plant species. The body has the shape of circular fibers or slightly flattened, branching. Middle size 15-25cm, particularly with long tree 1m, the average diameter 1mm. The color is usually green seaweed, green brown or gold yellow. After dried, seaweed usually have color brown purple, brown black.

Other than higher plants, seaweed don’t have body, root,leaf to perform specialized functions in life processes. The body include the main fuselage section, the branch also functions development,growth and metabolism between the body and the environment. The concentrated cells grow in the first branch. Method of reproduction is nutrition and reproductive sexual production. Reproduction nutrition is the primary method of seaweed to create growth in the size and body weight.

Asexual reproduction constitule the spores and Different living conditions create different forms of reproduction. Seaweed live in the tidal in the life cycle was an overlap all 3 forms of reproduction : Nutrition, asexual and sexual. If that live stable in brackish water the mainly reproductive nutrition and there are many cases of asesual reproduction and sexual and not appearing.

During live, seaweed should be provided with minerals : C,N,P and some of trace as :Mn, Ti, Co, Bo… Inside C,N,P is indispensable, these subtances be provided from sea sources or from additional fertilizer. This is one of the key factors effect productivity and quality of seaweed.

Conditions suitable habitat of Gracilaria :

Source of water: Clear and not stagnat, high transparencty.

Temperature : Seaweed live in temperture 5-38oC(Suitable temperature 20-30oC )

Salinity : Seaweed live in limit 50- 30.000 lux ( Suitable from 5.000- 10.000 lux)

pH : Seaweed live in pH from 7-9 ( Suitable from pH = 7,4 – 8,5)

Most suitable for the cultivation of seaweed as mud or mud sediment.

Seaweed grows well in an environment with no or very little some green algae, red algae or some other weeds

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