Chamachi Chili Sauce – Special Spice 238g

At any given time, Chili sauce is an indispensable spices in meals of Vietnamese families, and it always used with Bún, Phở, etc.

The production process is by prolonged fermentation, Chili is brewed in jars, isolated, creating a traditional delicious and spicy flavor, a little sour from the fermentation but not from vinegar…

Chamachi absolutely does not use color, flavorings, thickeners; The eye-catching natural fresh red color and the characteristic pungent flavor of chili are factors that consumers choose to use for themselves and their family members.

The use of Chamachi chili sauce is very diverse:

  • From seafood dishes to grilled, fried, boiled dishes, …
  • Fast food dishes such as instant noodles, dry noodles, sausages/fish cakes/grilled gourds, etc.
  • Bún Bò, Miến, Phở, Hủ Tiếu, etc.;
  • To be cured in spices – “secret” of a good housewife;

Preserved in dry, cool place.

Expiry date: 08 months from date of manufacture.

Package: 238g x 24 bottles /1 big box